2015 CWEA Olive Force Main Pipeline Award

Comprehensive construction project in challenging in a very congested neighborhood intersection with multiple conflicting utilities requiring protection.

2014 CWEA Locust Street Pump Station Award

Reconstruction of a central pumping system on a multi-agency force main in a downtown tourist area required creative construction management.

1994 Ultra-Violet Disinfection System Installation

Problem:  Mt. View Sanitary District – was having difficulty achieving
adequate disinfection and settle-able solids reduction at their wastewater treatment plant. The nitrification bio-tower was sloughing light solids which were not removed by the secondary clarifier, and the organic nitrogen compounds produced by the nitrification process in the biotower were combining with the chlorine, compromising the ability to meet coliform effluent limits.

Solution:  As a result of pilot studies it was determined
that filters followed by UV disinfection would be effective in achieving the necessary reduction in solids and coliform organisms in the effluent and that UV appeared to achieve better virus removal than does chlorine. It was proposed that the UV disinfection
totally replace the District's use of chlorine and sulfur dioxide for effluent disinfection and dechlorination. Nute designed the sand filters and UV disinfection processes for the District's wastewater treatment plant with the use of UV light for disinfection
which was a very new method at the time.

Results:  In 1994 the District installed sand filters and a UV disinfection system, the first to be in full scale
operation in Northern California.  The operation of this system continues to this day, achieving consistent compliance and avoiding the need to purchase, transport and store messy and hazardous disinfection chemicals like sodium hypochlorite.