W. Edward Nute, Founder

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Mr. Nute, son of J. Warren Nute and company Founder, has over 45 years experience in Civil Engineering and specializes primarily in Sanitary and Environmental Engineering to public and private clients throughout the San Francisco Bay area. As principal in charge of Nute Engineering, he is directly responsible for managing and engineering the firm’s projects, including numerous studies, design, construction review, and investigations including long-range plans for wastewater facilities. Mr. Nute has managed the design of various pipeline projects including sewage force mains, new trunk sewers and rehabilitation of sewer lines. Mr. Nute and Nute Engineering pioneered the use of ultraviolet disinfection, for which they received several environmental awards.

Mark T. Wilson, President

Mr. Wilson is a Senior Civil Engineer with Nute Engineering with over 25 years of experience in engineering and construction. He regularly serves as project manager for Nute Engineering projects and brings extensive experience in design and constructability issues. Mr. Wilson has directed the design, construction and review of wastewater treatment and wastewater plant improvements, pump stations, sewer systems, and fuel storage tank installation. Prior to joining Nute Engineering, Mr. Wilson worked in the construction industry as a sanitary engineer for the Regional Water Quality Control Board where he reviewed the design and operation of over 150 Bay Area permitted wastewater treatment plants, performed groundwater monitoring and treatment/cleanup of hazardous waste spills.

Gary E. Robards, Vice-President

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Mr. Robards is a Senior Civil Engineer with Nute Engineering with over 30 years of experience and has been involved in the planning and design of various wastewater collection and treatment facilities; preparation of hydraulic analyses to determine capacity of interceptors, pumping stations and force mains systems; planning of wastewater reclamation projects and development of managed wetlands; supervision of sewer mapping, database preparation; and assessment district engineering, including preparation of the Engineer's Report, tabulation of petitions and spread of assessments. He has extensive experience in mathematical modeling, spreadsheet design, database management and performing engineering analyses using microcomputers. He also provides field survey support including metes and bounds calculations and closures and preparation of legal descriptions for properties and easements. Mr. Robards serves as District Engineer for the Richardson Bay Sanitary District.

David Stier, Engineer III

Mr. Stier has over 20 years experience in construction and 15years in the field of civil engineering and water resources as a designer and project manager. His previous work includes various aspects of commercial and residential land development including site and utility design, structural design, and subdivision planning activities.  He is also well versed in ADA compliance issues.

During his tenure at Nute Engineering, Mr. Stier has worked on design of gravity and pressure pipelines, pump station analysis and design, and wastewater treatment plant upgrades.  In addition, he performs construction management on various projects and assists clients with air quality and environmental permitting issues.

Pippin Cavagnaro, Engineer III

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Mr. Cavagnaro is a Civil Engineer, Level III with Nute Engineering, and has17 years of experience in design and construction management, and geotechnical and earth resources investigation and has been with Nute Engineering since 2001.  He has worked with clients to provide project design and management, long-range budget and capital improvement planning (CIP), collection and pumping system field research and analysis, management of CCTV and NASCO standard defect data, development of GIS system maps and database, and development and management of District lateral permits and CARB and BAAQMD air permits.

Adrian Bartshire, Engineer II

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Mr. Bartshire is a Civil Engineer, Level II, with 10 years of extensive design and construction experience in Site/Civil Drainage, Water, and Sewer infrastructure improvement projects on both the east and west coasts of the USA.