Nute Engineering is committed to protecting and enhancing wetlands and raising the profile of wetlands as a tool to improve water quality.  

Nute Engineering is a regional leader in using wetlands as part of wastewater treatment.  Nute’s projects use treated effluent suitable for discharge to create wetlands that replace the freshwater wetlands that have been lost to development around the state.  These wetlands provide habitat for migratory and resident birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and fish, and also make the effluent even cleaner before it reaches creeks, sloughs, or shoals of the Bay.

Our goal is to provide quality services that include:

  • Design of wastewater and drainage systems in and adjacent to wetlands
  • Design of wetland systems for wastewater treatment or beneficial re-use of effluent
  • Design of stream-bank stabilization projects and in-stream habitat enhancement
  • Design of levee restoration projects
  • Studies of water quality affecting wetlands and creeks today and in the future
  • Oversight of projects constructed in and near sensitive wetlands and creeks
  • Obtaining permits for work in and near wetlands and creeks in a timely, cost-effective manner
  • Maintaining good relationships with regulators that implement regulations related to local wetlands and creeks