Agency Administrative Assistance

Sanitation and other public agencies require planning for regular maintenance of infrastructure systems, development of emergency responses to equipment and system failures and planning for facility expansion and improvements to meet the future growth of their communities.

Since its inception, Nute Engineering has responded to these client needs by providing planning expertise for these types of ongoing work flows. 

Types of planning and administrative assistance provided by Nute Engineering include:



Technical Specifications


Facility Management

Public Outreach

  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Facility Infrastructure Improvement Scheduling
  • Construction Progress Planning
  • Budget Development
  • Sewer System Management Plans (SSMP)
  • Overflow Emergency Response Planning - Site Specific (OERP)
  • Capacity Assessment Reports
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities Studies
  • Water Reuse and Treatment Studies
  • Peer Review of Other Designer or Developer Plans
  • I/I Cost Effective Evaluations
  • Utilization of GIS Facility Mapping: Computer, Online and Mobile platforms
  • Equipment Specification and Procurement
  • Permit Preparation Assistance (Local, Caltrans, Fish and Game, etc.)
  • Public Hearing Assistance
  • Public Bidding Assistance
  • Easement Research, Easement Descriptions
  • Asset Valuation and Rate Studies
  • Sewer Service Charge, Calculations and Audits
  • SCADA Analysis
  • FEMA Flood Level Assistance

Because most clients are working with small budgets to meet large needs and are held accountable by the public for the use of their funds, Nute Engineering uses creativity and experience to achieve an optimum balance of needs with available resources.

Once the goals and/or objectives to be achieved are identified, Nute Engineering assists the client to formulate strategies to achieve them and in many cases helps design, implement, direct, and monitor all steps in the process. (link to Construction Management Services)