As the scarcity of California water increases, efficiency, reuse, and reclamation become increasingly important.

  • As the population grows, the need for additional treatment plant capacity increases. Nute Engineering designs new treatment plants and upgrades to existing treatment plants with the public and environmental interests in mind.  This includes adding buffers between the plant and any new development, assuring control of odors, eliminating chlorine and other health hazards and assisting its clients in identifying alternative treatment processes.
  • To help meet the more restrictive Federal and State effluent treatment and discharge requirements for treatment plants, Nute Engineering provides long range planning and programs for upgrading wastewater treatment plants.
  • A number of replacements, upgrades, and improvements are recommended for treatment plants.  This includes cleaning and repairing primary digesters, elimination of the use of gaseous chemicals for disinfection and dechlorination, minimization of blending, replacement of old or corroded pumps and piping equipment and materials, replacement of the original electrical equipment and controls for which replacement parts are no longer available, and installation of SCADA and telemetry systems for the treatment plant and pump stations.
  • A key factor in designing treatment plants is building in reliability and redundancy
  • Storm Water Containment and community flood protection