Nute Engineering completed over 8,500 projects over the past 75 years and has provided construction services for hundreds of civil and wastewater projects. 

Projects we manage for clients range from as small as individual spot repairs to as large as new developments and complex public works facility design, construction and rehabilitation.  

We provide clients (the owner or agency) these services for our own project designs as well as for Publicly Bid projects which have been designed by other firms or by the Agency. Our staff has experience as construction managers, project engineers, resident engineers, and specialty field review services.  

Our staff also work closely with clients to ensure project contractors are following the OSHA safety requirements, and are always considering risk management.  When managing projects we actively enforce the construction contract to ensure the project is built to the designed standards and use management practices to help prevent claims and assist clients with claims consulting.  

Nute engineering construction managers can plan, coordinate, budget, and supervise construction projects from conceptual design to project completion.  

Management Categories

Construction Management Services

  • Project Budget Planning
  • Plans & Specifications
  • Procurement Assistance
  • Permit & Easements
  • Bidding & Bid Review
  • Project Meetings
  • Submittal Review
  • Field Construction Services
  • Project Documentation
  • Projects Updates & Staff Reports
  • Progress Billing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Record Drawings
  • Project Close Out

Management of Construction Related Issues

  • Endangered Species
  • Vegetation Protection
  • Historical Resource Evaluation
  • Archaeological Resources
  • Contract Development

Dispute Resolution Consultation

  • Contractor/Client Negotiation
  • Mediation & Arbitration Support


The construction industry typically includes three parties: an owner, a designer (architect or engineer) and a builder (usually known as a general contractor). There are traditionally two contracts between these parties as they work together to plan, design and construct the project. The first contract is the owner-designer contract, which involves planning, design and construction administration. The second contract is the owner-contractor contract, which involves construction. An indirect third-party relationship exists between the designer and the contractor, due to these two contracts. 

An owner may also contract with a construction project management company as an advisor, creating a third contract relationship in the project. The construction manager's role is to provide construction advice to the designer, design advice to the constructor on the owner's behalf and other advice as necessary.