North Marin Water District - 2005 Recycled Water Implementation Plan - Engineering Consulting Services

Problem: The NMWD is facing possible restrictions in future water deliveries from the Sonoma County Water Agency and the Novato Sanitary District (NSD) could reduce its dependence on its reclamation facility to comply with its summer discharge requirements.


  1. Develop a Recycled Water Implementation Plan and subsequent recycled water program stages with a favorable cost/benefit ratio and define the necessary implementation steps to move forward.
  2. Construct a recycled water treatment plant and a recycled water distribution system to serve the customers.
  3. Evaluate the potential of developing a recycled water program in the Novato area.  With proper treatment the effluent from the NSD wastewater treatment plants could meet the Department of Health Services (DHS) Title 22 requirements for unrestricted irrigation use. Furthermore, the mineral quality of the NSD effluent is very good and recycled water could be well suited for landscape irrigation use.
  4. Evaluate the option of providing recycled water from Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District (LGVSD) to Novato’s South Service Area.


  1. Identified routes for distribution pipelines which could serve large irrigation customers in the Novato area and  allow service to smaller users as well as non-irrigation users such as bus washing and toilet flushing.
  2. Recommended cost-effective solution of including LGVSD in a project to provide recycled water to the South Service Area of Novato (Hamilton).
  3. North Marin Water District, Novato Sanitary District and Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District all joined the North Bay Water Reuse Authority who obtained $25 million in federal grants from the US Bureaus of Reclamation to implement water recycling.  Nute Engineering has designed the South Service Area transmission and distribution system from LGVSD in 2011.